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Herring Island Summer Arts Festival

14th January to 2nd April 2006

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aerial view The AgeIn 2006 Herring Island starts the New Year with an Arts Festival: artists from four arts organizations will show their work in the gallery on the Island, in a reawakening of the original concept of an arts venue in a bushland setting close to the heart of Melbourne.

The festival complements the existing permanent collection of sculpture placed around the Island. More information about the permanent collection can be found on both Parks Victoria's website and that of the Friends of Herring Island.

Herring Island Gallery is the converted scout hall. The fireplace and the marks on the floor are the give-away signs – the architecture is now inspired by the place – a gift to the arts by the Myer Foundation and the genius of architect, Greg Burgess.

Herring Island Gallery14th January to 29th January

Members of the Victorian Ceramics Group led off on the 14th January 2006 when eight potters go bush on Herring Island giving us sculptural ceramics in the wild. There will be an opening at the start of every exhibition and this time will be a great opportunity to speak to the artists and to celebrate the gallery being back in action as an arts venue. It was GREAT! I hope you didn't miss it!

4th February to 19th February

The ceramic artists were followed on the 4th of February by the Association of Sculptors of Victoria with their Sculptural Treasures on Herring Island. The second two weekends of this show are likely to feature a carving demonstration coordinated by Kevin Free. Now showing ....

25th February to 13th March

Then on 25th February the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria will give us Contemporary interpretation of nature in painting, drawing and sculpture.

18th March to 2nd April

Then, to take us up to the end of daylight savings time, the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia will run from the 18th of March with Wildlife Art on the Island. This will be an exhibition of smaller works exploring the uniqueness of the Australian animals, birds and flowers. There will be artists demonstrating throughout the exhibition.

Access to Herring Island Environmental Sculpture Park & Gallery is by Parks Victoria’s punt service operating from midday to 5pm on weekends and Labour Day holiday from the Como Landing (Melway Map 2M C2). Alternatively you could take a water taxi from South Bank.


VCG and Friends on phone: 03 9804 0702

Association of Sculptors of Victoria on phone 03 9882 6900 or 03 9853 9610

Contemporary Art Society of Victoria on phone 0407 059 194 or 03 9428 0568

Wildlife Art Society of Australasia on phone 0418 546 554 or 03 8790 4215

The Herring Island Summer Arts Festival is being run with the support of Parks Victoria.

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