This section briefly outlines the resources required to manage Herring Island, and the responsibilities of the Committee of Management. Major management resource requirements include rehabilitation works, control of pest plants and animals, maintenance of visitor facilities, security, visitor supervision, rubbish removal and other maintenance.

Management Resources

Funds to manage and carry out works on Herring Island are presently obtained through grants from government departments and the Cities of Richmond and Prahran. The Committee of Management may expend any revenue or. other monies for any of the purposes related to the management, improvement, maintenance and control of the land, and may employ staff and purchase equipment as required to implement this Management Plan.

The initial establishment phase will involve removal of pest plants, unwanted structures, track works, construction works and revegetation planting. Access facilities will need to be sufficiently upgraded to provide safe access for workers and equipment, and to facilitate cartage of materials to and from the site. Appropriate landing stages should be built on Herring Island and the Richmond bank of the Yarra. Approval for use of the BOW's Burnley Depot facilities should be sought as an interim arrangement to enable transport of materials and equipment. Staff will be required for all construction, tree removal, pest plant control and landscaping; volunteer input will be encouraged for revegetation works. One or two staff with horticultural expertise will be required to supervise the latter. The Board of Works and Soroptimists International (Victoria) are presently investigating the purchase of a boat to transport workers/volunteers during this stage.

Once Herring Island is capable of sustaining significant recreational use, access facilities will require upgrading to cater for users. A Ranger should be provided at weekends to ensure compliance with Herring Island Regulations, for interpretation work and general assistance to visitors.

Security will be another major resource requirement, to protect natural resources and the interpretation shelters from vandalism. Part-time staffing should alleviate this to some extent. It would also be advisable to examine the possibility of connecting Herring Island to the BOW Burnley Depot security system. Regular maintenance (rubbish removal, mowing, tree maintenance, weed control etc.) will continue as a co-operative responsibility of Richmond and Prahran councils.

Committee of Management

Currently the management body responsible for Herring Island is the Herring Island Committee of Management appointed by the Minister for Conservation and Environment in pursuance of Section 14 of the Crown Lands (Reserves) Act, 1978. The appointment was made for a period of 7 years ending 14 September, 1991, subject to the condition that a Management Plan for the Island be prepared. This plan is based on the Lower Yarra River Concept Plan (MPE 1986), and the Landscape Concept Plan for Herring Island (BOW 1987). The Management Plan must then be submitted for Ministerial approval.

The Herring Island Committee of Management presently consists of.

1 Councillor from the City of Richmond
1 Councillor from the City of Prahran
1 Nominee of the Lower Yarra Advisory Committee (BOW)
1 Member of the Friends of Herring Island Association
2 Local residents; and
The State Parliamentary Member for Richmond.
The Committee is assisted by an Officer of the Richmond Council.

This system of delegated management is common for Victorian Crown Land Reserves. The Committee is responsible to the Minister through the Department of Conservation and Environment. The operations of this Committee are required to, adhere to specific procedures principles and legislation under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act (1978). A guide to these requirements is provided by the Handbook for Committees of Management of Crown Land Reserves (CFL, 1988). This handbook, the Management Plan and the Crown Land (Reserves) Act (1978) will govern the Committee's management of Herring Island.

The Committee of Management can request the Minister for Conservation and Environment to proclaim or amend regulations, for Herring Island under Section 13 of the Act. The Committee of Management and its officers and servants, together with bailiffs of Crown Lands or members of the Police Force have, and may exercise the right to enforce any regulations proclaimed by the Minister, and have the power to enforce the conditions of any permit given under the authority of such regulations.


To ensure management of Herring Island is consistent with the objectives of management.

To ensure all works are carried out in accordance with this Management Plan.

To ensure adequate funding and operational resources for management Of Herring Island.


Investigate ways of maintaining adequate funding and resources, particularly in respect to implementing this Management Plan. Day-to-day funding and maintenance to be shared equally (50/50) by Richmond and Prahran Councils.

Incorporate the Committee of Management and investigate property insurance.

Link Herring Island to the Board of Works Burnley Depot Security system.

Seek funds for the employment of a part time Ranger

Produce an annual report on the Committee of Management operations for submission to the Department of Conservation and Environment which. includes an assessment on the implementation of this Management Plan.

Review Herring Island Regulations in accordance with this Management Plan.

Review the reservation of Herring Island to conform with its primary objective, the preservation and protection of the natural environment.