This section discusses broad management issues and outlines measures required to achieve the management objectives of Herring Island (Part C). Aims relevant to each management issue are presented, followed by detailed management actions indicating how these aims are to be achieved.

Each action contains a column for 'priority rating' and an 'action statement' and are displayed as follows:  
Priority Reference Code Action Statement
e.g. Medium FL-5 Prohibit the collection of firewood.

The 'priority rating' for each action is either high, medium, low or ongoing. This indicates the relative importance or urgency of the particular action, and is to be used as a guide for the preparation of work programs.

Each action is preceded by a reference code (such as FL-5, which refers to Action 5 of the Flora Section). This simplifies identification and allows for cross referencing between actions. .

The reference code abbreviations used are:

FL Flora
FA Fauna
CR Cultural Resources
LA Landscape
TS Topography and Soils
FM Fire Management
AC Access
RE Recreation
CEI Community Education and Involvement
SU Structures and Utilities
MRR Committee of Management
The following abbreviations are used for organisations involved in the management of Herring Island:

BOW Board of Works
MFB Metropolitan Fire Brigade
SEC State Electricity Commission


This section sets out management aims and actions for the conservation and protection of the natural and cultural environment of Herring Island. Six major elements regarding conservation of Herring Island addressed in this chapter are Flora, Fauna, Cultural Resources, Topography and Soils, Fire Management and Landscape.