A number of individuals and organisations provided support and advice during the preparation of the draft and final versions of this Management Plan. Particular thanks are due to:

Department of Conservation and Environment

Tim Bloomfield - pest plant and animal advice
Jeff Carboon - editing, printing and other assistance
Michelle de Leeuw - editing
Margaret Hawke - editing, printing and publicity
Neil McCarthy - management planning advice
Dick Mattinson - soil conservation/erosion advice
Jim O'May - management planning advice
Noel Ryan - photography
Veronica Santiago - word processing
Martin Schulz - fauna advice

Arthur Rylah Institute
Drafting Services Branch
Community Education and Information
and Melbourne Region

Board of Works

Burnley Depot staff - providing transport to and from Herring Island
Jon Drohan - author of 1987 Concept Plan
Brian Ward - historic photographs

Herring Island Commitee of Management

Kevin Grover
Malcolm Graham
Peter Fitz
Bill Dane
David Williams
Shirley Pinnell
John Senior
Tim Hayes
Demetri Dollis
Rosemary Mason

Other Organisations and Individuals

Darcy Duggan - vegetation and planning advice
Doug Frood - flora survey and vegetation advice
Margaret Gardiner - Wurundjeri Tribe Land, Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council Incorporated
Barry Lewis - engineering advice
VCAH Burnley - use of salinity testing facilities